Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Holy Spirit and You

The Advocate

The kind of intercessor the Holy Ghost
is to us is that of an advocate – a Counsel
for the defense. He’s our legal representative. He speaks on our behalf; He
defends us. So when Jesus said, “…I will pray
the Father, and he shall give you another
Comforter…” He was talking about
Someone Who engages our adversaries;
Someone Who comes right into the middle
of the heat and takes charge with us, not
someone who watches us from the
background as we grapple with forces and
circumstances that assail us.

You can never be disadvantaged
anymore. When people are saying evil
things about you and have judged you
wrongly, don’t worry. Your advocate will be
right there. They may not give you an
opportunity for defence or explanation.
Your Counsel for the defense will show up
at the right time. You just keep saying this:
“I can never be disadvantaged. I can never be discouraged,” praise the Lord!

~Pastor Chris~ 
~from the book "The Holy Spirit and You"

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