Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Blood is in constant demand for the treatment of patients involved in accidents, patients with cancer, leukemia and the list goes on and on. Many surgical operations would not be possible without the availability of blood. Blood may be needed during or following childbirth or for an exchange transfusion in newborn babies. The need for blood never stops.

Come June 14th, many around the world will be reaching out by donating blood. Are you involved yet?

The Healing School Medical Missions is creating a worldwide network of blood donors, thus having thousands donate blood

"Same day, Several locations across the globe"

Right there in your country, individually or as a group, you can donate blood on June 14th at blood donation centers, hospitals right there in your country. Your Blood could save a life!

To register and receive more information about blood donation, kindly click on this link:


God Bless you

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