Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Yes, you can make a fire. Let me tell you something about that kind of prayer.
When the fire starts, there is URGENCY, your words becomes fast, your Spirit becomes quick. Fire never burns slowly, fire DEVOURS, the Spirit begins to rush the words, the tongue moves faster than you can naturally control. You know fire is burning when you find yourself speaking in tongues so fast, words pours out like water. There is urgency, violence. When you making fire, if you hold something it may break - VIOLENCE. You find yourself roaring when you are making fire in the Spirit. It is not a cool calm prayer you make sitting on a chair.

Your life should be a fire place. There are things you hear, you just tell yourself "I'm going to make a fire"
There is nothing that you can't change, absolutely nothing if only you will made a decision to do it.
If your knees will bend in prayer you will see the glory of God.

~ Pastor Chris ~
Culled from 4 Important Virtues


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